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How do you relieve a headache without pain medication?

How do you relieve a headache without pain medication?
I have a terrible headache, and I am pregnant. The only thing that is safe to take during pregnancy is Tylenol, however I am allergic to Tylenol so I am pretty much screwed for the next 8 months. What can I do to help my headache?

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Answer by Spekle D
something with caffeine in it, like chocolate or soda. there is even caffeinated gum

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  1. xm3liNax

    pinch the part of your hand that’s between your index finger and thumb. right on that muscle part between them, if u know what im saying. apparently that’s what ancient chinese people would do.

  2. Bitski

    Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, always helped to relieve my headaches when there was no aspirin around.

  3. Ava

    There are many things you can do:

    Take a shower, it relaxes you.

    Take a bath in epsom (think that’s how you spell it!), you can find it at Trader Joes. It relaxes your muscles too!

    Put your fingers up between the ridge of your eyes (hard to explain) and that automatically relieves it!

    Stay hydrated!

    Hope this helps you!

  4. TBear

    I had that same problem and I found that drinking hot cocoa helped a lot, the caffeine in it is what helps the headache, either that or I would break off a piece of dark baker’s chocolate. Also I would lay back with a cold washcloth over my forehead and eyes. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Amanda

    Run a bath and pour in some Epsom Salt. You’ll feel better than ever afterward!
    Every time I feel sick I do that and it instantly cures me.

  6. sara.2bits

    You may find the headache will simply abate without any treatment such as Tylenol, which you say you cannot take. You might try to lie down for a while, try putting a cold compress on the back of your neck, and do some simple stretching exercises for your neck. If these non-pharmaceutical methods do not help, I would suggest you talk to your Obstetrician. I would NOT advise you take anything else such as caffeine or any other kinds of medication without speaking to your physician. Everything you ingest also goes to the fetus, and too many things can harm the fetus. I’m sure you already know this.

  7. Chully

    Theres many easy ways to get rid of this pain . Headaches are due to lack of water . So drink plenty of water , take a warm relaxing shower & take a quick nap . The nap can be for ten minutes. The pain should be gone in no time . Also you can try eating something sweet.

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